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April showers may come your way, April showers bring May flowers, and April hopefully will bring our president Larry back from the alligator infested Florida? I did get another report from him and it follows:

Hello from Florida. Fishing has been getting better. It has been a very interesting year seeing the effects that El Nino has on fishing. Fishing has been pushed back about six weeks compared to other years. The alligators are fully into their mating calls or grunts, It is not unusual to hear eight or ten different alligators grunting back-and-forth at the same time, trying to set up dates for that night. While our time is coming to a close here in Florida, we are looking forward to seeing each of you at the April meeting.

Thanks Larry, appreciate the news from Florida and all our members really seemed to enjoy hearing about your fishing and specifically your experiences with the alligators. Now I’ve never heard the alligator mating calls or grunts as you stated. In fact I don’t care if I ever hear an alligator trying to arrange a date, or grunting or whatever. It would be very disturbing to me if I heard this sound at night, especially if I was out in a little boat trying to fish and couldn’t see more than a few feet in any direction. No thank you, I think I’ll keep my fishing in this part of the world and/or north of the Mason Dixon Line.

Larry did send a new joke. This one is probably the best one he’s sent however, I don’t think it would be appropriate to put in the newsletter. No, I’m sure it wouldn’t! I may tell it at the general meeting if our President Larry gives me the OK? It’s a good one for sure. Where does he get all these jokes?

I want to thank everyone for their support and cooperation while I was the acting President these past three months. It was fun and easy because I had our membership’s helpfulness and friendship and the Board of Directors total support. With our Program Director Ken Harrison arranging some super programs, Public Relations Director Ron C. getting all this in the news, the VP’s Bob and Barbara controlling all the fishing news and events, Anitra recording all the meeting statistics, KT communicating with the members and producing our infamous newsletter “Hook, Line and Sinker”. She also worked with Paul Lorson keeping our website current and ever improving! Membership is in excellent hands with Cheryl and Margie and our new apparel headed by Brenda looks terrific. Mike and Karen have continued to find fantastic items for our opportunity drawing which helps our treasury. Speaking of our money, it is in very capable hands with Betty so how can a guy fail with that and a supporting cast of Past Presidents Dave G., Lois A. and Jim S. that have a proven history. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful meeting place like the Senior Center of Escondido. A perfect facility to hold meetings for our great club! Looking forward to fishing and having social events with all of you. Remember to offer your help to Community Events when they are scheduled, our new Director Tony Smock needs your assistance at the derbies and youth events.

Thanks again for your continued support and remember our motto “Fish and Play the Senior Angler Way”. Catch you later,

Volume 41
Issue 3

Ron Parker
Acting President

“So Many Fish…...So Little Time”